Flowers With Attitude


I cannot even begin to remember when Melissa and her staff at FLOWER’S ETC. came into my life. I do know she started out decorating my home for the Christmas holidays in the early ‘80’s. Since that time, I have not let her out of my sight.

These very talented, kind and amazing people have done all three of my children’s weddings, all holiday entertaining, birthday parties---you name it. If you want to make a statement, these are the people you want.

If you have ever planned a wedding, you know all the details that are involved. There are always people or companies pulling on you from every direction. I so trusted Melissa that I just put it all on her back. After you have worked with her and the staff for a while, they know you like the back of their hands.

Melissa is like a buffer for you. She will only bother you when something is new or she thinks maybe it is something to discuss. If someone is trying to take advantage of you, she steps in and handles it with great authority. My children just loved her and gave her the nickname, “FRANC”-like the character in Steve Martin’s version of “FATHER OF THE BRIDE” You know the Martin Short character. We had great laughs with that!

In all the events, I just have to mumble a few words of what I am thinking and she comes up with the most amazing ideas. So creative!

I can attest to the fact, that once you become established as a customer, they go to great lengths to please you, ALWAYS!!!!!!!

If you have any event coming up, big or small, you should check out Melissa and the staff of FLOWER’S ETC. I always tell my HUBBY, get Melissa to plan my funeral. I want to go out in style and this is the way to do it! I do not know what I would do without her and her family!!!!

~Alice Morrow

Flowers, Etc.  has been a big part of our family events for the last twenty-four years.  I had first seen their work at a wedding reception shortly before that time and I was so intriqued by the uniqueness of the flower designs. The beauty of the designs really appealed to me and were unlike anything other florists in town were doing at the time. I first used them in my home for a double family wedding for which they did outstanding work! When it was time to plan my first daugter's wedding, I knew who I wanted for the job.  I am very particular about flowers and what I like and what I do not like.  Melissa and Kearney and the entire staff have never disappointed me (and that's a hard thing to do...ha ha!).  Following that first daughter's wedding, we had two more family weddings in the same year!!!  Three weddings between May, 1993 and May, 1994!!!  Flowers were an integral part of all three weddings and we were all delighted with the results. 
In addition to the magnificent flower arrangements, Flowers, Etc. is a full service wedding coordinating business.  They always had a recommendation about who could provide needed services which was helpful on numerous occasions.  They know who can do what and who does it well.  Invaluable for a mother-of-the-bride!  On the wedding day, their help and attention to detail (a HUGE factor to me) is superb in  every way.
Of course, Flowers, Etc. provides more than flowers for weddings.  We have used them for family funerals, parties, numerous special events which have all been enhanced by the services that the staff at Flowers, Etc. offers.
~ Anne Sonnier Calhoun

Flowers Etc staff and Melissa were practically family by the end of our fourth daughter's wedding. They allowed the mother of the bride to enjoy the planning and preparations by assisting as little or as much as needed and requested.  Flowers Etc resources of the best vendors gave choices in any direction that the bride chose.  The flower designs were unusual and color combinations beautiful.   We had complete confidence in our wishes being carried out and were not disappointed. The five Drinkwater girls (mother and four daughters) highly recommend Flowers Etc.

~ Judy Drinkwater

From the beginning stages to the last dance for both of our daughters' weddings, Flowers, Etc. assisted us in creating the most memorable of weddings.  Flowers, Etc. took our daughters' dreams of the perfect wedding and made each one come true.  Their precise planning and extreme attention to detail resulted in their weddings/receptions being phenomenal.

Flowers, Etc. only settles on the best and the entire wedding experience was a most enjoyable time.  Melissa Bijieaux was(is)absolutely amazing and wonderful to work with for each occasion.  The planning, organization, thoughtfulness, and attention made the weddings such joyous times that we will treasure forever.  She made every moment stress-free, effortless, and absolutely fabulous. Both of our daughters' receptions were at our home and Flowers, Etc. went through extra measures to transform our backyard into a venue of exquisite beauty.  Each reception reflected each daughter's personality and style and guests are still raving of the extraordinary enchantment enjoyed by all.

Flowers, Etc. represents a team of talented and dedicated people that take seriously what they do and that is pleasing and delivering quality beyond comparison.  Our family has forever been blessed by the wonderful staff of Flowers, Etc.

~ Brian and Becky Tanner

Hiring Melissa as our wedding coordinator was one of the best and most important decisions we made during the planning process. Because of Melissa’s selfless and tireless acts before the ceremony, we were able to spend precious, unforgettable moments with our families, friends, and loved ones. Our day was magical and our expectations were far exceeded due to Melissa’s experience and keen focus. Her goal was to keep my mind clear for our big day and she accomplished this feat with great ease.

Second, working with Nicole (Florial Designer), was a blessing and she was a huge asset for the wedding. The flowers were fresh and exquisite. Also, the arrangements and décor were perfectly placed and extremely elegant. We highly recommend Melissa and her team with Flowers Etc to coordinate your wedding.

Lastly, we would like to offer a sincere “Thank You” to Melissa, Nicole and the team at Flowers Etc. They exemplified professionalism, creativity, and most important, gave us peace of mind to rejoice in our special day.

~ Kayla and Tyler Latiolais