Flowers With Attitude



The Simple Elegance Bridal Package

This package is designed for the bride that wants something a little different or even traditional. Everything that you need from bouquets to boutonnieres and corsages, the church aisle, cake flowers, food table and guest tables. Our designers have selected certain types of flowers that are whimsical and elegant. Make your wedding day special by choosing this simple and elegant package.


The Roses, Roses, Roses Package
Roses are blooming everywhere in this package for the romantic bride who is in love with Roses and wants to be surrounded by them on her wedding day. You will be able to select the perfect color rose, amongst hundreds, to compliment all your wedding attire.

Roses are red, violets are blue this Roses, Roses; Roses Package is the perfect one for you.


The Exquisite Bridal Package


This package is designed for the bride that is looking for elegance. This package covers all the bases to include beautiful bouquets, simple and elegant boutonnieres and corsages. A church filled with elegant altar arrangements, the aisle adorned with elegant pew markers and a reception filled with flowers on the food and guest tables and even some extra detail for a complete look on YOUR SPECIAL DAY.