Flowers With Attitude


Wedding Planner & Designer

Melissa’s career in the flower business began at a very early age when her parents decided to open Flowers etc. In the early 70’ she began learning the basics quickly taking a liking to wedding flowers. By 13 years old, she was licensed by the State of Louisiana Agriculture Department being the youngest in the state to accomplish such a task. Together with her parents……they worked to create a style that would set Flowers etc apart from any other flower shop in the area. She has traveled around the US designing for flower wholesale houses and State conventions and also was designer of the year in 1986 for the state of Louisiana. Melissa is well known for her great attention to detail as a wedding planner and designer. She has been involved with thousands of weddings over her years at Flowers etc. and as a designer and wedding planner she is dedicated to exceeding her client’s expectations. Her goal is simple… assist in achieving a successful event that will leave a lifetime of memories for her clients.