Flowers With Attitude



Head Designer

Nicole became a part of the flower business in 1997 at a small town flower shop. She began with no experience and after learning simple floral techniques felt the need for change. Taking great pride in floral design is what drove her to want to learn more. Once she had 3 years of experience under her belt….she felt it was time to jump into the big sea and move to the city. Somewhat intimidated coming from a small town flower shop to a big city flower shop, she began at the bottom. She started washing buckets wanting to know every part of what makes Flowers etc go. As her confidence grew and her wishes to become a designer was obvious… she began the process to learn more. Now 14 years later and lots of experience, she has made many clients smile with her designs. Also, she is a part of all the weddings that we design here at Flowers etc using her experience from many years of design. As head designer, Nicole contributes a great deal to our design team overseeing all of the daily design work. She truly  is a bright personality to have on our team.


Together….. Kerney and Sylvia Broussard are the proud owners of Flowers etc.  For the past 40 years they have worked together to make what Flowers etc is today. Kerney’s contribution has been a big part of the design aspects of the business and Sylvia has been dedicated to the book-keeping and organization of the shop.

Kerney has designed for many wholesale houses all over the US as a featured designer. He designed on the Knud Nielson team along with many other photography sessions for magazines, was the membership chairman many years for American Institute of Floral Designers and has been a board member at the Louisiana Wholesale Florist for 35 years.  Sylvia has taken care of the little details that are often missed in order to keep a business running smooth.

They both have an eye for detail no matter what job is asked of them making this a great part of what has earned them great success. Many years later……it doesn’t seem like they are going to slow down much anytime soon.  This is a perfect example of what hard work and dedication yields so many years later. A flower shop to be proud of……..


Wedding Planner & Designer

Melissa’s career in the flower business began at a very early age when her parents decided to open Flowers etc. In the early 70’ she began learning the basics quickly taking a liking to wedding flowers. By 13 years old, she was licensed by the State of Louisiana Agriculture Department being the youngest in the state to accomplish such a task. Together with her parents……they worked to create a style that would set Flowers etc apart from any other flower shop in the area. She has traveled around the US designing for flower wholesale houses and State conventions and also was designer of the year in 1986 for the state of Louisiana. Melissa is well known for her great attention to detail as a wedding planner and designer. She has been involved with thousands of weddings over her years at Flowers etc. and as a designer and wedding planner she is dedicated to exceeding her client’s expectations. Her goal is simple… assist in achieving a successful event that will leave a lifetime of memories for her clients.