Flowers With Attitude


Our vision became a reality

It all began in the garage of Kerney and Sylvia Broussard's house in August,1973 when their garage was transformed into Le Petite Fleur. A little flower shop in Carencro becomes reality  and begins building relationships with their clients offering something a little different.  One year later opportunity knocks and we take a leap of faith. Flower shop number two....Sweets Flower Shop in Scott is purchased. After 3 years of having flower shops in both locations we decided to consolidate and for the next 6 years we begin to build our own style that gave us the confidence to move to Lafayette and offer our clients a style all our own. Flowers etc was the new chosen name that would become well known in the South. Now 40 years later along with their daughter Melissa and their wonderful staff....they continue to offer something unique in everyday design and weddings.

Our design staff has over 100 years of combined experience from Simple to Extravagant, Traditional to Contemporary and English Garden to Country French. We are happy to accomodate everyone's needs by offering many different services from special occasion flowers, wedding flowers, linen rentals and wedding planning. We want to help our clients build lasting memories they will cherish for a lifetime.

It is our pleasure to introduce Flowers Etc, for your next special occasion or event.

Let us create FLOWERS WITH ATTITUDE for your special day.

  • This is the beginning to a long career in the flower business. Le Petite Fleur opens in Kerney and Sylvia Broussard’s garage that has been transformed into a flower shop in Carencro.

  • One year later…..opportunity knocks at the door. Le Petite Fleur remains and Sweet’s Flower Shop in Scott becomes our next building block. For the next 9 years we build a reputation and unique style that has made us what we are today.

  • Le Petite closes and we consolidate the two businesses.

  • We have decided to move to the big city... Lafayette. Our third and final location for Flowers Etc. Now a total of 40 years that has yielded us special client relationships, friendships with vendors and staff that is an integral part of our daily lives and reputation.

  • This is the year that we took over the entire building, no longer having to share with Stop and Shop BBQ. The flower shop is remodeled to accommodate our needs.

  • Moving to Lafayette was a great decision. Our unusual style is putting us on the map.

  • We are excited to add another building block. We now have beautiful linens along with many rental items to offer for special events such as: weddings and birthdays parties. We became a one stop shop for many of our client’s needs.

  • Since our move to Lafayette many years ago…we offered Wedding Planning Services if a client was in need. We decided to spread the word and officially became the only flower shop that offered wedding planning needs, linens, flowers and rentals. This was very special for us since we were then and are today the only flower shop to offer this many options.

  • We are almost done with a new fresh look in the shop and our website is launched. It’s all been a long time coming….it is now a reality. We are happy that for the last 40 years we have been able to share our expertise with thousands of clients helping to make everlasting memories for the special events in their lives and ours. We are anxious to see what the next phase of Flowers Etc will bring. When you are in need of flowers for a special occasion….REMEMBER... Flowers Etc... Flowers with Attitude!

Flowers can make a difference in someone's life. Make a difference today and send flowers.
We have a wide variety of flowers that are always available. Our staff can help provide information that will help you decide on the flowers that will suit your needs for special events from  parties, funerals, birthdays, anniversary's, weddings or just to say I Love You.

Flowers can say so many things. Let us help you express your feelings.